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"Gail Bean has recently updated my website from the ground up; and the biggest surprise for me was how quickly and efficiently it came together. I really was dreading it and had put it off for a long time simply because I thought it would be a long drawn-out procedure. Much to my excitement, it was not that way at all; I thoroughly enjoyed the process due to Gail's efficiency and professionalism. She helped in so many ways other that just the technical side of the update, like adding little extras throughout the site that tie it all together. I am very happy with her work and highly recommend her company."

Evonne Cook
Clothesline Quilts

"The website Gail designed for me is inviting, artistic and captures the personality of my business. I appreciate her professional approach and quick response in her follow-up care. I highly recommend Gail Bean Design.

I could go on and on... "

Mary Wilberg
Quilted Treasures

"Gail Bean is an incredibly talented artist and marketing wizard. She absolutely captured my vision of what I wanted my business logo to reflect: energy, possibility, creativity and fun! She encouraged me to reveal myself and my desires to her; she was dedicated to finding the inspiration that would lead her to the ultimate logo for me. She created a look that represents my personality, style and mission. She also designed a fabulous website for me and made this seemingly difficult task easy for a computer novice. I consider her counsel invaluable as I began my new business. Her wisdom and insight has kept me from making expensive mistakes. I know  Gail Bean has elevated my business image to a much higher plane! I am truly grateful to have her on my team."

Kristi McClanahan
AD/HD and Parenting Coach

"I have found Gail to be knowledgeable and very easy to work with through the web design products she has done for me. She is an artist in her field and knows the importance of the technical side of things as well. I highly recommend her work."

Deb Luttrell,
Stitchin' Heaven